Have you got old cars to sell? Call us for your junk car removal. Conditions doesn’t matter to us. Best of all, you don’t have to be in any sort of trouble. We will send a tow truck to pick up your scrap car. And give you cash on the spot for your junk car. You Will Get Cash for Your Junk Cars - Bring us your car, or call us to come to you and have your vehicle towed away. We will give you cash right then and there.

We accept any make and any model in any condition, even if the vehicle:

  • Isn’t running or will not start
  • Requires a jump to run
  • Body is in poor condition
  • Runs and drives with no problems
  • Needs a jump
  • Has electrical problems
  • Needs transmission work
  • Has a knocking motor
  • Needs a fuel pump
  • Needs an alternator/starter
  • Has exhaust problems

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Get Cash On The Spot for your Junk Car

At Junk Cars Corp, we recognize that many of our competitors offer free junk car removal. But much fewer offer free junk car removal and cash on the spot. We offer free vehicle removal and top-dollar on the spot, immediately upon retrieving your vehicle. If you own an old or outdated car, truck, van or SUV which requires removal, and you could use a few extra dollars, feel free to call Junk Cars Corp now and a vehicle valuation specialist will provide you with a competitive quote for your junk car in only a few minutes.

Your automobile does not need to be running or drivable to get top-dollar. Every vehicle, regardless of condition, has substantial value inherently due to the materials used to make it. Due to this value, we are able to not only tow your car away to a local salvage yard completely free, but our towers will also pay you cash for the opportunity to scrap your car.

Junk Cars Corp has built a nationwide reputation for honest, fast and reliable service. Our extensive network of towers cover nearly every corner of the United States. Upon receiving and accepting our offer you will have the opportunity to set an appointment for your vehicle’s removal regardless of location, at your convenience in respect to your schedule. In most cases but dependent upon specifics of your junk car, you do not even have to be present at the time of pick-up, or junk car removal. We can make payment arrangements which suit your needs. We always pay top competitive rates and can often remove your car that same day if you call early enough in the day to schedule.

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