How do I scrap my car?

If you’re planning to scrap your car, you are in the right place. Junk Cars Corp has over a bounteous experience in scrapping cars, and we are best place to give you a brilliant price. Give us a call today to get a valuation for your car.

Our car scrappage process

  • Firstly, the shell of the car is de-polluted, and any pollutants are safely stored.
  • The fluids in the car (petrol, oil, anti-freeze, brake and transmission fluids) are then fully drained and safely disposed of.
  • Re-usable parts from the car are removed and cleaned up, and then re-sold through our online store.
  • Any remaining parts that can’t be re-sold are also removed.
  • Finally, the chassis of the car (as well as any remaining parts) are crushed and fed into the shredder, before being melted down.

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Get Cash On The Spot for your Junk Car

Our cutting-edge facilities find you the best price for your car – whether it has plenty of miles left in it or it’s ready to be scrapped. It’s easy to get a free instant quote for your car, just tell us your car registration and postcode and you’ll instantly see how much your car is worth.

Once you’ve got a quote to sell your scrap car or used car, you can choose to drop it off at your local branch or we’ll collect it at a time to suit you. Our customer services team is on hand to look after you and we’ll help take care of the official paperwork.

Scrap your car for money

Get money for your car, even if it does not start, by getting paid to scrap your car with Junk Cars Corp. No matter how old your car is, or the condition of the car, we can help. Plus, 95% of the car is recycled at our scrap recycling centres.

Free car valuation to sell your car

Is your car too good to scrap? If your car is in a better condition and it’s eligible, Junk Cars Corp also provide a quote to buy it, giving you more money for your old car.

To see what your scrap car or used car is worth, simply tell your registration number and postcode and we’ll give you a price to sell your car. You can drop your car off locally or arrange to have your car collected.

Hassle free service

With Junk Cars Corp, we make the process of selling your scrap car or used car hassle free. We can pick your car up from your address and help with the official paperwork.

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