Why Choose Junk Cars Corp ?

Junk Cars Corp offer top junk car removal service so get in touch if you want to arrange collection of your old unwanted vehicle. We deal directly with our customers and can offer you the best price for your car. The majority of other car collection companies currently trading will purchase your car and sell it to companies like us to make their profit. Deal directly with us for the best price guaranteed!

Vehicles are paid by cash or instant bank transfer into your bank account in line with current legislation. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Scrap My Car for Cash for disposing of your vehicle.

  • The best price possible for your end of life vehicle
  • A company that collects your car no matter what make and model
  • A fast friendly reliable service
  • A legal Certificate of Destruction
  • Assistance with all of the DVLA paperwork if required
  • Guaranteed payments with no haggling at the roadside.
  • Your scrap car recycled legally within government guidelines

Our decades of experience helping clients offering junk car removals rapidly means we are the perfect purchaser for you. Online valuations are quick and we can turn out to reach you in individual.

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Let us simplify your life.

Our superior customer service team treats all of our customers with the highest level of respect, getting you the cash you want fast. We are surely the most convenient way to sell your junk car.

Here is why Junk Cars Corp is a legit company that will buy your junk car:

Honesty is our business. Disreputable junk removal companies will quote you a price for your junker, but when the tow truck comes to pick it up, your vehicle has magically lost some — or a lot – of its value. That doesn’t happen with Junk Cars Corp. We tell you how much we will pay right from the start, and that is the exact amount you end up with.

We pay you that promised amount in cash. And you will get it when we pick up your car. No waiting for a check.

We are fast in our work. You won’t have to wait around for a quote. We know both cars and the salvage industry, so we are ready and able to give you a fair price.

We offer free towing. We will send a tow truck to pick up your junker as soon as possible (but at your convenience). And offcourse you will get your payment on the spot.

We are fully licensed. Our scrap car recycling centres are licensed by the environment agencies to recycle scrap cars in accordance with the latest EU regulations on car recycling. So there won’t be any tyres dumped in ditches or toxic oil tipped down the drain.

Our customers loves us. Your only investment is a short Phone Call. Junking a car yourself requires time, energy, tools, labor, storage, and distribution channels. What this means is: you could get more money than we might pay you for your vehicle. So don’t wait, give us a call or fill out our quick quote form.

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